Creative Thoughts at Inopportune Times

I am most creative at times that I don’t have the time to expand on those ideas. Ideas come to me when I’m falling asleep, or right when I wake up. Standing in the grocery store line, you name it. So how do you remember those ideas until a time you can pursue them? Here are some of my ideas that I use.

My iPhone. I don’t know how I existed before my iPhone came into my life. I always have my phone with me. Well at least 98% of the time. Compare that to me having paper and pen handy, which would be about 1% of the time. If the idea that comes to mind is from an object I’ve seen, I’ll take a picture of the object. Then write notes about what inspired me and the project idea using the note feature on my iPhone. You can use whatever note taking app you prefer.

I then place the picture and the note into a folder in my Google Drive. This keeps the two together. If you’re like me, creativity flows like a fire hydrant at times. More ideas than I have time for. I would be wondering what idea went with which picture. And it would take time I don’t need to spend. My Google Drive syncs to my computer and iPad. There are other cloud-based options as well. Use what you’re most comfortable with. (I used to enjoy Evernote until they started charging).

Finally, I set a time for myself in my iCalendar. I pick a time that is unscheduled and I place it in my iCalendar. I put the idea in my notes (there is also a place for links if you need to use those). I even set a reminder Alert. This give me permission to take time to be creative.


I hope this gives you ideas. I hope the iCalendar idea allows you to give yourself permission to schedule “play times” . If kids can have them, why can’t adults?

Happy Creating!

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