And the Winner is….

In my previous post, “Decisions, Decisions“, I had decided to give myself a couple of days rest. Then I would look at the two designs and choose. I’ve had a couple days and my mind is clear. I am going to use the second logo, with the darker border.
Untitled design (3)

When I first designed the two, I liked the lighter border better. But after a couple of days and giving it a fresh glance, the darker border stands out to me. I also showed them to a friend, who gave me a fresh perspective.
Originally I was going to add a bit more to the logo. I’ve decided to leave it as is. Adding more to the design would clutter it up and I like the simplicity of it.
Now that I’ve decided on the logo, I’ll post it to my Etsy site.
Next it’s time to take some quality photos for my product listings.

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