Because I’m Curious

I’m curious by nature. Because of this I like to know how things work and I enjoy learning. Most of what I’ve learned about computers I have taught myself. I dive right in. If I have questions I use the help section of the program I’m learning, or I use my local library.


We live in an age where we are saturated with information. My favorite resource is my local library. Not only does the library have books, but most libraries, give a card holder free access to online courses. You can learn almost anything you want to for free without leaving your home. And at your own pace. I am currently hooked on My learning style responds well to the video format. I also like though it’s more traditional, including exams.
Most libraries also offer free passes to local museums. They also offer online language courses, streaming movies and so much more.


You might notice my website is based. I am excited to switch over to where I’ll have more control over my website’s design.


So check out your library and see all it has to offer besides books! You don’t be disappointed.

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