Brand Board Project

I did some research and found a great blog. The Virtual Savvy gave step-by-step instructions for building a brand board using Canva. The board project helped me stay focused and think about what I wanted my branding to look like. Plus it was fun!
Brand Board (1)
I was able to find colors to add to the pink by using HTML Color Codes website. I uploaded a photograph (which contained colors I liked) to the website. It then listed the color code of the most popular colors in the photo. I could move the cursor around to other areas of color I liked and the website gave me the color codes.


I was happy with the way this board turned out! Still, it wasn’t right. You might notice that the colors I picked don’t go with my inspiration pictures. I also decided that I didn’t want to use the black and white photo for an inspiration. The colors I chose were too dark for my personality, and my Etsy store logo. I gravitate towards soft pastels and vintage tints. And while I like black, I wanted more of a deep maroon or brown for the script color.


I went back to my Pinterest “Vintage Love” board and found a different picture. Back to the color selector website and uploaded the new photo. This time, I used the colors that I felt represent my store and my personality. I am pleased with the results!
 Brand Board 2


I kept the yellow from my original board. I changed the black to a deep maroon, the white to a linen color, and added a minty-vintage green to the palette, I have a board that better represents what I sell in my Etsy store, which is upcycled baby/toddler clothing (mainly girls) and vintage-flair multi media pendants.


Next up. Work on re-designing my logo with the new branding board colors!


*Photos courtesy of:
Bucket w/flowers – Anita Pelayo Rivera Photography
Chair with flowers – “My Pleasure” Tumblr
Black and White flower – Debra Finnegan

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